Carly Rothman, clean eating queen, fitness fan and founder of, conquers Dubai’s new wave of exercise, SpeedFlex

What is it?
SpeedFlex is an innovative and unique way of training, which aims to get the heart rate working at high intensities (80 BPM +) through a combination of resistance and High Intensity exercises. Short bursts of
maximum power and maximum effort lead to an impressive calorie burning and toning result. Carly burnt over 350 calories in a short 30-minute ‘Speed4Flex’ session – an amount that increases throughout the day as you continue to burn fat.

SpeedFlex is one of the only types of training which guarantees a low impact session on the body and joints, while still pushing the body to it’s limits. With two back operations under her belt, Carly was the perfect candidate to put this claim to the test.

A fan of low-impact training, Carly was impressed: “Shoulder presses, bicep curls, squats, rows and so much more is done in such little time, leaving you feeling as though you’ve worked every single muscle in the body and you’re in and out before you know it without a hip or knee out of place,” she revealed.

Carly continued, “Most of the SpeedFlex exercises use full body movements, such as squatting followed by pushes into a shoulder press along with a calf raise. The machines are constantly working every area of the body and the core is being blasted without even realising it – it’s a full body workout at it’s best.”

If the session itself isn’t enough to get you hooked, the body composition analysis will certainly do the trick. Before you step into the pumping SpeedFlex room with the expert trainers, you have the option to try the
analysis for just AED100. It’s not the standard single body fat percentage measurement, but a muscle mass evaluation with a breakdown as to where the body carries more of your visceral fat levels (the fat you can’t see that surrounds the organs), and of course the fat you can see too. To top it off, you will receive a nutritional breakdown of what you’re deficient (if anything) in.

Carly’s Conclusion:
“For someone like me who trains most days, I’m always seeking out a new way to make things exciting and keep improving. SpeedFlex did just that and was a complete breath of fresh air. The brilliant thing is, it caters to
all levels of physical fitness – be it professional athlete or someone starting their first day of a weight loss journey. It’s fun, it’s dynamic, it’s quick and most importantly of all, it’s effective!”

Follow Carly’s lean living lead with her top tips to a healthier year ahead
1. Plan Ahead
This is by far the most important step to starting, or continuing a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to get caught out with nothing to eat or snack on, so always be prepared with delicious and nutritious treats that will get you through the day, and of course some healthy meals to go with it.

2. Eat Naturally
If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to eating clean, just aim for natural foods and you’ll find you’re on a great path. It’s the processed, pre-packaged foods that are loaded with hidden sugars, hidden fats and a lack of vitamins and minerals. Eat food in its most natural form and love it for the taste and results it gives!

3. Find your Passion
Running for hours on end isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (and nor is it the best way to burn fat) so don’t worry if you fall into that category. As SpeedFlex proves, there are hundreds of different ways to keep active, tone up and lose fat. Give everything a go and see what works best for you – be it boxing, cycling, SpeedFlexing or anything else that peaks your interest. As
soon as you find your niche in exercise, it turns from something you should do into something you want to do.

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The details:
Try Speedflex at the JA Ocean View Hotel. Prices start at AED80.